Your FAB Icon Might Need Some Optical Alignment


FAB Icon Optical Alignment

Todoist recently have their major redesign using Material Design and I thought it was actually quite nicely done! Though I found one minor design issue that might worth a mention – did you manage to figure it out at the screenshot below?


It’s the FAB icon

If you felt there is something wrong with the FAB, you are definitely not alone. The placement of the send/save icon in the FAB doesn’t seems to be centred visually (the icon weight distribution seems to be more towards to the left), but actually it was programmatically centred.

I have made a simple comparison between the current FAB and the corrected FAB below:

FAB Comparison

As you can see, even though the asset of the icon are generated correctly and placed into the FAB at the centre, it is seems to be off from the centre to the left visually when I used a centred circle…

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